Sunday, 23 December 2007

Back In Brisvegas

I arrived back in Brisbane about 7:10am this morning.

The line at customs was so long. Customs in Tokyo was miniscule in comparison. Two flights arrived about the same time. So, by the time I waited in line and picked up my luggage it was almost an hour.

I was expecting them to search my luggage, but thankfully they spared me the embarrassment of a potentially exploding suitcase full of UFO catcher plushies.

I didn't get much sleep on the flight.

I was lucky to have the two seats next to me vacant but I stayed up for quite a while watching the movies, "Ratatouille" (still a great story), "Bourne Ultimatum" (highly recommended!) and "Shoot em up" (the definition of a "B" movie).

Being in Brisbane feels really strange. I didn't realize how LOUD Tokyo is until I touched down here.

It feels like a sleepy country town.

I looked around my old room, familiar but distant.

Still, it is a comfort to be back home. I have a "culture shock", returning to english everywhere, particularly the overload of Australian accents which is kind of depressing.

It'll be good to watch TV and understand everything that's going on too.

The main thing is that I have already taken my car for a drive and it feels.. FANTASTIC. There is nothing like the freedom from Tokyo trains.

The weather is nice and warm which is good coming from Tokyo's 5 degrees. Many reasons to be happy to be home, but one reason not to be.

Missing you GF.