Thursday, 6 December 2007

Ticket To Ride..

..back to Tokyo.

I'd been getting paranoid about how I was going to get from Osaka back to Tokyo, when I am flying back from Australia.

We went first to Yotsuya library. I took back the last CDs I borrowed and the Japanese Grammar book that I merely perused. I WILL eventually learn a bit more japanese I promise.

I picked up some more CDs, Paolo Nutini, Rolling Stones, "Forty Licks" and an Audioslave CD.

From there we went to Shinjuku to get me a train ticket!

I was curious to check out the bus fares first. We went to JR's highway bus booking office and found a last available seat for 6000 yen and an early leaving time. Although the price isn't bad, the thought of 8-9 hours in a cramped bus makes me feel sick.

I WAS spoilt by a very fast, comfortable and spacious Shinkansen ride to Kyoto. So, we said we'd think about it and made our way to the Shinkansen booking office. The line was long so if I said "no" the gf would surely give me a real dirty look.

Although not as cheap as the Kyoto ticket, I bought a one way fare for 14,250 yen. A little bit more than the plane ticket, but then again I don't have to find a way to the airport to be there at 630am.

I'm glad to have that sorted. All I need to do now is to find myself a place to sleep there for three nights. A bed, wifi connection and a fridge should be all I need. Oh, and a shower would be sweet.

From there we were craving Krispy Kreme donuts. I was thinking the worst, but the line was pretty reasonable, and even better than that, because I bought a box we got them in about 5 minutes!

I was a bit worried we wouldn't get our extra free donut in line, but the girl must've seen my face and gave me one. Must be those sad puppy dog eyes of mine.

The gf got a New Year's Card for a friend at Tokyu Hands. I was surprised to get a call from my old flatmate, Derek. He's finally got hold of an electric guitar. He asked if I could help him learn it. I said I'd give him a bit of direction, and he could find a lot of stuff on the net as well.

We had some ramen at Kohmen again before making our way back home.