Sunday, 16 December 2007

Ginza Goo

It's just one of those days with not that much to do.

After sleeping for longer than we maybe should, we first went to Yotsuya Library.

I borrowed out some more CDs.

I picked up Santana's, "All That I Am", Stereophonics, "Sex, Violence, Other?" and a Steve Winwood CD, "About Time". I so far haven't listened to any of them so I can't comment on them yet. Sorry. I'm sure they will all be excellent.

After going there we turned around and headed to Ginza for want of nothing else better to do.

We checked out a toy shop and a cake store, picking up some nice Shinseido parlour cookies. Yes, these are the makeup people. They're branching out into the cake shop industry by the looks of things. Yummy biscuits by the way.

This is one strange sign I noticed in Ginza. I couldn't resist taking this picture. "Goo" is a car information magazine apparently.