Wednesday, 19 December 2007


I haven't mentioned in a post before, but I have recently got myself addicted to eBay all over again.

I was on the hunt for electronic gadgets - mobile phones and internet tablets.

My current faves are the Nokia N800/N810 internet tablets (no, they are NOT phones, just internet), the HTC TYTN II Windows GPS smartphone, and the Nokia N95 8Gb.

After making a few failed bids, I nabbed the TYTN for $920, including postage. I'm a little surprised to win. I probably paid too much, but this includes a car kit and GPS software so it seems like a good deal. I just hope they send it in a hurry so I get it before I leave Australia.

Oh, I don't think I've mentioned this yet.

I'm going back to Australia leaving the 23rd December and coming back January 1st in the morning. Crazy I know, but this was the ONLY time I could get a reasonably priced ticket at this time of year.

It will only get me to Osaka and I will Shinkansen it from there. More in a later post..

Anyway.... where was I? Oh yes, the phone. Not only that but I also put a bid for the N800. I'm secretly hoping I don't win it now. With this new phone I don't need it as much. Still useful though.