Saturday, 8 December 2007

An Office Christmas Party

What a day!

Walking to the school I noticed this new "smoking area" box.

Unlike a lot of the designated areas, this great design is totally enclosed, letting the fools that smoke suffocate on their own fumes. Good.

Busy as usual at Yokohama. By the end of the day I was quite worn out. I have to say thanks to Jon for taking my last lesson. This guy is "tha man".

I was thinking just to go home, but swayed by popular opinion (and alcohol), I decided to hang around for (one of the many) office christmas parties.

Jon and I hadn't gotten any christmas presents, so we decided to try our hand at the UFO catchers. He tried a Gachapin gumball machine, and I tried a Rilakkuma christmas bear. We both lucked out.

At another place, we coerced the staff to make a cool manga sake glass easier to sink. After a few tries, they made it a (bump the machine) giveaway. With my 2 cent advice, I finally got Jon to sink it. I told him to keep it, but he thought to give it as his christmas present. What a nice guy huh?

I didn't try anything else so I decided to get 500 yen worth of chocolate at the Daiei supermarket instead.

By the time we got back a LOT of students and teachers arrived. Much more than I expected. I want to put this picture up because I think the look on my face's quite funny. I'm hoping no one's going to mind having this posted. I just want to show what a great time we all had.

Unfortunately this only made me think it would have been a better idea to have stayed in the office and drink as much of the alcohol as possible before they arrived.

We passed the presents around in a circle like a "secret santa", and when the music stopped, that was your present. Lucky for Jon, his cup was "won" by his flatmate! I got these interesting Moomin Valley sugar spoons. Oh, the left over mayonnaise was a "token" gift from staff as I was leaving. Strange, but useful!

A lot of people made their way to karaoke, but I decided to head home as I didn't want to be stuck in Kanagawa. I wasn't exactly sure when the last train was to get home and I wasn't in any mood for an all-nighter.

I was around Shibuya momentarily passing by the catchers, and for nostalgia's sake, the Tasu-Ichi bar. I didn't go in though. The place was packed and I'd had enough fun already.

The Yamanote line was packed with commuters. It seemed to take forever for it to show up but I finally made it home. It feels quiet being here all by myself. Strange.