Thursday, 20 December 2007

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I couldn't wait any longer.

I let her open her presents early. I'm not going to be here for Christmas Day so there was no point in delaying it.

I showed her the boxes that she guessed correctly were photo frames. Damn..

Anyway, what she didn't guess was that in the frames I put photos of her dog. I told her she would be emotional about this present more than the other one, and I was right. Very emotional.

After that I thought she may as well open the other gift. After carefully unwrapping the red paper, she saw it was an mp3 player. Although not as emotional as the photos (of course), I think she liked it a lot.

Mission Accomplished!

Today I paid for the TYTN II phone that I won on eBay.

The guy was great. He's going to let my brother pick it up directly from him in Sydney, and he knocked the $20 postage from the price as well. I just hope that money goes into his bank account real soon. My brother is coming up on saturday!

The bid I put on the other "toy" had yet to be beaten so I was secretly worried I'd have to buy something that I didn't exactly need anymore since I'll be getting this phone.

Finally someone else placed a higher bid, so I'm breathing a sigh of relief.

We went to Yotsuya library again. I got Kanye West, "Late Registration", Coldplay's, "Rush of Blood to the Head" and Prince's "3121". I don't have much time to listen to them though.

We had curry for dinner and after that I gave her the Christmas presents.