Saturday, 29 December 2007

The Dub

My time in Brisbane has mostly been checking out shopping malls for potential Christmas bargains.

Not all that exciting, but considering the weather has been absolutely CRAP, its probably the best thing to do on constantly rainy summer days.

For something different I decided to check out my good friend's art/tshirt exhibition.

It's called Mintabi vs Audiodirtbath. The former is his girlfriend's label and the latter is his own.

He's doing really well which is fantastic. If you like some of his stuff, pop over to eBay and get some art of a shirt!

After the valley, we raced over to Merlo Coffee to get another bag for Tokyo and get a last cup of coffee to go.

Later that night Mark and I went to the Down Under bar.

This is my favourite place in Brisbane. Warm and daggy like a well-worn pair of trakkie daks. If there's one place that I REALLY miss, this is it.

They play a good mix of the latest songs, but aren't afraid to play some long forgotten 80's hit like "Livin' On A Prayer". Another good thing is that the clientele are students or backpackers, so it has a constant feel good atmosphere and it's not like you see the same faces every week. Er.. except me.

What I also like, is that you can chill and sit down (or stand) with a beer JUG, or go for a little discogrooving on the dancefloor. One thing that I'm yet to find here in Tokyo.

Here's Mark trying to tell me something cool while I take a photograph.

This is Mark looking dazed trying to get further with a cute korean girl in a tweety (?) dress. She said he was cute, but wasn't giving it up.

All in all a good night. If only all my nights were like this, I probably wouldn't have left. If only it was acceptable to be drunk all the time..