Saturday, 26 July 2008

Good Child Must Not Imitate!

I'm in the spending mood so.. I got another Red Bazooka shirt from the Middle shop in Shibuya.

The same place I got the Japanese Sorry one.

As usual I was "uming and ahing" if I really needed/wanted it, but in the end I just decided to fork over the yen and got it.

I'm pretty happy with it. It says "Good Child Must Not Imitate!"


The other teacher that has his iPhone is seriously tempting me to get one for myself.

He's on the same White Plan as me. For 5,000 yen a month he gets unlimited internet and email downloads (as well as the normal phone network of course). He did buy his iPhone outright for 80,000 yen. It's possible to pay it out over 24 months for 8,000 yen a month all up, which is still a pretty impressive deal.

In Australia the best option for internet access on a mobile is with the 3 network and their X-series. Not too bad for $40 for 2GB of downloads, but this just covers the net access. On top of that you'd need to be on a regular pricing plan.

On this day there's also the Sumidagawa fireworks in Tokyo.

Right now I'm watching it on tv.

Yes, I know it's not the same, but we are avoiding the crowds and the view although not "live", omits the rather annoying buildings that seem to get in the way.

The "child" part of me wishes I was there though.