Thursday, 20 November 2008

Let's Do The Xhake Shake

One thing that I really wanted to bring here to Japan was my Bop It Extreme II.

It's not exactly small, and would've taken up quite a bit of space in my suitcase. It would have been particularly useful on one of many cheap alcohol-fueled chu-hi nights. It makes a good party game, that's for sure.

Today I'm happy to say I have a found a great alternative for my iPhone. Ladies and gentleman we have the "Xhake Shake"!

It shamelessly rips off the same concept, but having it in the one compact package makes me VERY happy. With this game, you have to tap it, rub it, shake it, flip it and freeze (do nothing).

It mostly works well, save for the tricky flip maneuver which got me speaking French more that a few times.

Here's a video showing how it's done in "extreme" mode. I can see myself wasting lots of time with this.

Most notably when I should be learning some Japanese.