Tuesday, 15 April 2008


What is Kimuraya?

It's the best bakery for getting some delicious anpan bread, that's what!

Anpan is a small bread bun filled with azuki sweet bean paste and butter.

Well worth the 189 yen price that's for sure.

If you're in Tokyo it can be found easily by going out of the A9 subway exit in Ginza. It's next to the Wako department store on the right of it.

There were a few samples of the other delights they offer too. Sampleman was pleased. Ready to fight another day.

I'd love to open an azuki restaurant in Australia. It'd go off! Or if not that, then maybe a cool okonomiyaki one. Sweet!

Tonight I finally finished yet another 4 litre bottle of shochu. Looks like this has lasted a little bit longer. A month and sixteen days. A new record.