Saturday, 19 April 2008

Tengoku to Jigoku/Akuryo no Yakata Review

As you can see from the picture, my Bandai Solarpower games collection is coming right along nicely.

As usual I was on the lookout for "Invaders Of The Mummy's Tomb" (Nazo No Pyramid) but unfortunately, no such luck.

I have a feeling that it will turn up sometime soon though.

Instead, before me in Shibuya was Tengoku to Jigoku ("Escape From The Devil's Doom"), and Akuryo no Yakata ("Terror House"). Both were 2625 yen each and still in the original boxes from 1982!

Not only that, but both games look brand new with the original instructions, inserts and wrappings. They look in much better condition than Kyofu No Mujintou I bought before.

So how is the game-play?

Great! As I remembered from my childhood, they give a nice little challenge.

In Akuryo no Yakata, the aim of the game is to attack bats in a graveyard, then go inside the haunted house fighting monsters to finally get to a coffin.

I remember when I got my original game, Tengoku to Jigoku was out at the same time.

You start off in a boiling pot in hell, go left and right to avoid demons and bats, then ascend a rope into heaven. Here, you have to catch falling feathers from an angel.

If you want to get an idea of what its like you can go here to download the PC simulations. Just click the download link on the left to get to the sims.

While the quality of the simulations are not up to the standard of MADrigal's simulators, it will give you a basic representation of the games.

If only my mother hadn't given my game to my baby brother to break all those years ago..

That's my excuse.