Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The Paper Trail

One nice thing about my new schedule is that I can sleep in almost every day. Another sweet thing is that kids classes don't start for a while so I am safe for the time being.

Almost all of my schools have changed and today I am at Ginza. It only takes ten minutes to get from home to Ginza. I wish all my schools were this close.

I arrived in plenty of time so I walked around the school a bit to get my bearings. The Sony building is very close. I had a look at the new technology for a short time and then headed into work.

I got an SMS from the gf at work saying her friend was sick and she was going to stay with her tonight to look after her.

Coming home I found this note.

Luckily she left me instructions how to use the microwave in a strange language.

Best to leave no doubt at all on this one.

I like how she has also labeled a few things around the apartment to help me find things.

She's really thoughtful like that.