Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Tokyo, Killer Of Umbrellas

Just a quick note to say if you have to go out of your house today in Tokyo, your umbrella will be useless.

The wind will laugh at you and say, "You call THAT an umbrella? Take This!"

The streets of Shinjuku are littered with broken skeletons of umbrella frames, and the japanese wrestle with their umbrellas like trying to tame wilde beasts, in vain.

I'm sure the news will show the typical file tape footage of a poor salaryman and what used to be his now, inside-out umbrella.

Even walking to and from the station is a major struggle.

Unfortunately I was just in Shinjuku for a meeting, and still have to make my way to Ginza in about half an hour.

Hopefully it won't be too busy. Fighting with my umbrella has taken the wind out of me.