Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Yoko Da Hama

Today I found out that yet another teacher has decided to jump ship and I can't help but feel a sense of abandonment and question my own future.

Why did I choose Japan? With any average three or four year degree the process is relatively simple.

I have to say that my time here so far has been more than interesting, and I'm not bored yet. The thought of nine kids classes, plus class visits scares me, but I'm going to put on my brave face.

Tonight I had the first of "train beers", or that's what I think it was called. The pre-drinks before catching our trains back home. We, J, T and myself hung out at Vivre in Yokohama and drunk some spirits and beer while J and I had some noodles and sandwiches.

We had a good talk.

Some japanese girls were hanging out nearby. I have no idea why some young girls would hang out in a semi-dark alleyway around a closed shopping complex at this hour for.

Anyway. I caught the train at around 1130pm semi-intoxicated. Instead of listening to my iPod, I went for the Nintendo DS for some amusement on the way home.

Thankfully all the trains got me back home. I was still feeling hungry so I pigged out on corn chips and salsa.

Day off tomorrow. Good.