Monday, 21 April 2008

Just Passing Through Nakano Broadway

Today I couldn't help myself.

The Chuo line conveniently stops at Nakano, meaning that I couldn't fight my urge to NOT get off that train and have a look around Nakano Broadway.

The last time I was here, I knew, just like in Roma, that I'd be returning here soon once more. The only difference is there was no "Trevi Fountain" to waste my one yen coins.

I looked for some more Bandai games.

The only one they had was Mr Franken for about 7300 yen in the original box. I passed on it thinking I got a good deal with the ones I already got. There was a Nintendo Game & Watch for about $1000. That's just crazy.

I really like this place. It's one of those special places you don't find in guide books. It's only one express stop away from Shinjuku, so if you have nothing better to do and want an alternative to Akihabara, this is it.

Tachikawa has a whole lot less appeal.

It looks a little more lively than some other 'burbs in Tokyo (strangely Tomioka comes to mind vividly). But sadly this place feels more Fujisawa than anywhere else.

I walked around a little bit today, but apart from a few shopping centres it feels devoid of any kind of soul. Lucky then, that as usual I had heaps of classes today.

Let the weekend come quickly. Please.


Giovanni said...

Tachikawa does lack a bit of soul, but it has some awesome places too.
In summer it's got a cool beergarden on the roof of Takashimaya department store.

There is a Nakano-esque floor (4th?) in the From-Chubu department store near ECC.

There is cool Chinese restaurants in the top 2 floors of Granduo Dept Store.

An relaxing Irish Pub - County Clare is on the northside-about 2 mins from the station.

There is also some cool terrace bars if you look carefully, mind you these are best in Late Spring and Summer.

Jimmy In Japan said...

Thanks for the tips Giovanni!

Maybe it was too soon to pass judgement on a place I haven't been to for very long.

Nakano-esque? I like the sound of that.

I'll keep my eyes wider open next time I'm there.

Thanks for visiting my blog.