Sunday, 23 March 2008

80s Handheld Simulators!

Following on from a previous post, I found a great site with a heap of game simulators, mainly Nintendo "Game & Watch" titles.

The simulations are excellent. If you have a windows PC, or a mac running a Boot Camp or virtual windows machine, I strongly recommend you try some out here.

The memories will come flooding back.

The tabletop handheld I had that I thought was Galaga was actually Astro Wars, also known as Galaxy II.

The look and feel is very similar to Galaga though.

Try it out on that simulators page. All the sims have a GUI that looks exactly like the handheld. Extra cool points for that.

Another one that I forgot that was my brother's toy was Condor from Time & Fun.

Even though it has very simple left and right buttons, it's quite a bit of fun to play. Similar to the "Game & Watch" Snoopy Tennis.

Another link for 80s game sims can be found here.

I had a ball playing my old Donkey Kong Jr "Game & Watch"(Panorama Screen) simulation and even Tomytronics, Tron.

Some of the prices the actual vintage units are selling for in Nakano are way overpriced. I guess nostalgia costs as much as your memories are worth.