Saturday, 12 April 2008

Gambling For Kids

For a saturday and to be working, I am in a good mood.

Today I'm posted in Tama Plaza. It's situated about 20 minutes from Shibuya on the Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line.

Is there anything worth seeing there? No, not really. Not even one single UFO catcher.

Speaking of..

After a small streak of bad luck, I've managed to score big tonight.

At Taito in Shibuya, I watched a young girl sink about 2000-3000 yen trying to win an limited edition walking Rilakkuma in a cow suit. She had to go twice or was it three times (?) to the cash machine.

The first time I didn't go near it, and respected her position. There were a few people hanging around it, so the last time I went closer to stop anyone else from taking it.

When she came back I motioned to her that she was free to keep trying, but the look she gave me showed that she had finally given up on it.

I had 500 yen and 100 yen in my wallet.

I could have gone to the cash machine and changed the 500 (it was 200 yen a go, or 500 yen for three tries), but I didn't think I'd get it first time.


When the girl saw me with it, she had her mouth open in disbelief that I'd won it first go. I had an attack of the guilts and almost gave it to her, but I thought I probably put in almost as much trying for this myself the last time, so I kept it.

Because I had two goes left, I opted wisely for a different machine.

I saw some Marimokkori, so I asked them to let me use my two remaining tries on this one. This one was only a 100 yen machine, but I thought I could get it easily. I got the green one first go!

I asked to move the other yellow/green one into position. It was done nicely, so much so that I could use the claw to actually tap the bulge of the plushie, inching it into an even better angle. Yay, he shoots, he scores!

All for 500 yen. Not bad at all.