Saturday, 1 September 2007

Hama and Snoopy

Gf had a job interview today and wanted to be back in Yotsuya by 930am. I set my alarm for 745am. We ate pizza bread and then I walked her to the station. Walking back I felt like a gaijin zombie, stumbling past the japanese going to work.

I'm at Yokohama today. When I called, a japanese woman said my boss was busy, so I left my number for them to call back. I wish they would just call me in the twenty seconds it would take to tell me where I am.

Thomas and Derek were waiting for me and planning to go to an Izakaya. I said to them I wanted to go to the UFO arcade between Yokohama and Minato Mirai that I went to last night.

Strangely enough they were all up for it, as long as I went with them later to eat and drink. I would be leading them into my heart of darkness, my September, er, whatever that means..

Thomas said that seeing me there quote, that I "looked like a crack addict", unquote. This is the video of the Snoopy I won after 800 yen. Ok, so I say "Push it in, you son of a bitch!". That doesn't make me seem too obsessed does it?

No, I didn't have enough. After that I saw a Hello Kitty machine. It called me. It said "YOU WANT ME". Yes, I did. I was pumping in the yen. I THINK I put in 1000 yen. The important thing is that I won it, eventually. All I remember is that I owe Thomas 300 yen. Thanks dude.

While I was playing that, on the other side Thomas won Derek a Super Mario Turtle, for about 1000 yen or so. It's pretty cool. I think I want one too now. Uh oh..

We went to eat at a pizzeria. I had a pepperoni pizza with cheesecake and lemon soda. The pizza was ok but the cheesecake was a little dry. It was nowhere near as good as the cheesecake the gf brought over.

Arriving home I found out my Snoopy needs batteries to make sound, but Derek's turtle had them inside. He was bopping the turtle on the head constantly, making the Mario Bros tinkling sounds.

I'll have to go to Yodobashi or a 100 yen shop sometime to get some. This is Hama, my Hello Kitty, and Snoopy, my er, Snoopy dog.


kyosuke_v2 said...

Yo Jimmy,

I finally found your blog. If you can't guess who this is, I'm taking the scooter to work every day when it isn't raining.

It sounds like you're doing well in Japan. I'm pretty jealous, being stuck at work.

Catch you later, from Kerrin.