Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Lesbian Penguin

This is currently my "wall of plushies". Apart from the Donkey Kong on the right, they were all won by my efforts on the skill cranes.

Today I got the same penguin that I won for gf, in Shin-sugita.

It was before I went to work. I saw it there and asked the staff to move it to a better position. It took 700 yen to get. I tried the same method as Shinjuku a few times before I finally realized it just needed a gentle nudge to tip it in. oh..

I downloaded a NES emulator for my K800i but it doesn't want to play the original Super Mario. I WANT. I tried a few time before I gave up at 3.30am. Tomorrow I have to get up at 9am.


avatar said...

Is this entry half finished?

Jimmy In Japan said...

The lesbian penguin is a bit of an in-joke. You wouldn't understand it. I added a full stop at the end now, so yes it's finished.