Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Jimmy Van Hendricks

This is one of the photos that I forgot to put up for the Miyajama post.

It looks like the statue is playing some cool guitar. The dude is having trouble playing a C major chord.

We got up this morning at 5am in order to catch the 6am airport shuttle bus, giving us plenty of time to make the 735am flight back to Tokyo. Haneda and Hiroshima airports both have free wifi facilities, making it great when lugging a laptop.

The flight got in just before 9am. I had to wait about 30 minutes before the next train went home towards Tomioka. I arrived home about 10:30-11am, giving me about two hours of the much needed extra sleep to be able to do my lessons in Fujisawa that same day.

I didn't need to worry. I did probably the best kids class I have done since I started. The lil guys were fully into what I was teaching them and looked like they were having fun. The rest of the day went by without a hitch.