Thursday, 20 September 2007

Real Estate, Planes and Gachapin

Oh it's thursday once more so it's great to have a day off after only two days of working.

No specific plan, but the general idea was to go to Yokohama. We had in mind to check out some real estate and travel agents.

Around Yokohama wouldn't be too bad for me to live. Still close to my schools and closer to Tokyo. We were told of a one room apartment in Wadamachi for 40,000 yen. Apparently the landlord is friendly to us foreigners. At least the price is right.

Later, I checked that the station is not exactly walking distance to Yokohama, but there is a subway stop nearby.

After that we went past a few ufo catcher arcades near the Tokyu Hands department store. I tried 100 yen on a Mario that was practically in the shute but even with that given, it didn't budge so I gave up.

We walked into a travel agent, but they couldn't book a flight from Brisbane to Tokyo, only the other way around.

To save myself the hassle I have just booked the cheapest flight with Jetstar for around $800 to Osaka and I'm just going to bus it from there to Tokyo. I just wish it wasn't on New Year's Day. All the other days the price is much higher. Must be all the teachers coming back to work I think.

We walked to Minato Mirai, and on the way we went to my favourite Taito game arcade midway to going there.

I saw a Gachapin I wanted so I got them to move it for me.

This is from my seventh try. I'm not as happy as I should be. 1400 yen was required to free it from it's glass prison. I'm happy to win it. I just want to get it in less moves. Another toy to stuff in that ol' suitcase.

I sure if customs ask me to open it in Brisbane, they will get a big surprise.