Friday, 21 September 2007


I wasn't in Yokohama today, but actually posted to go to Kami-Ōoka.

I had plenty of time, so I got some extra money for my Hiroshima trip, and updated my passbook to show all the money I have been earning and spending so far.

I got to Kami-Ōoka fairly early, so I went to look for the drug store that Jesse said had a big jar of Nescafe for about 400 yen. I found the chemist, but I wasn't sure of the price so I ended up buying it and paying 627 yen.

I managed to arrive home before 10pm. I went to the supermarket to buy a Crunky. It's been a while so I needed my fix. Absent mindedly I actually forgot to give the 100 yen to the cashier. I must have thought I was paying "credit" with my Points Card.

I made a risotto curry for dinner and reinstalled XP on my mac. It is running better and I can use USB finally. Two more sleeps till Hiroshima!