Friday, 14 September 2007

Why Can't I Pikachu?

After work we went there. Yes, you know.

There isn't much I have the desire to get these days, since I practically have a toy shop of plush toys. Still, Pikachu had to be crossed off my list.

For some reason this was a BITCH to get. I won't say how much I spent. Let's just say that I could have saved myself the trouble and bought the damn thing in a kids section department store. I guess it made up for the times that I got them relatively quickly.

I plan to send all the toys home in my suitcase. I did a "trial run" yesterday and surprisingly it all fits into my suitcase without too much trouble. Unsurprisingly I won't have much room for any clothes. They will most likely go in my cabin luggage.

Derek won himself a Pooh bear in a ghost costume (limited edition halloween issue). It cost him 1500 yen. I suppose it takes the weight off his mind, being a fugitive in our share house seeing he hasn't paid this month's rent, and the agency is penalising him 120,000 yen for not doing so.

He has found a new place in Takadanobaba. He can be close to Tokyo, and more importantly close to the fresh japanese uni girls he wants. He's doing a intensive japanese language course for chatting up these girls. A great motivation.

I have thought about moving as well. On monday I will have stayed the mininum term required in order to leave this place with my deposit. I haven't decided what to do yet.

I looked at the internet and there isn't much better. I have thought about moving in with the gf. We would both save a heap of money, but it scares us what might become of our relationship. I like her so much, to mess up that delicate equilibrium we have right now could be something we regret.