Friday, 28 September 2007


Today I was in Kawasaki.

This place is nice and would be a good place to live I think. All the mod cons and a UFO catcher arcade.

I wanted to pay my rent today, so with furikomi kado in hand I walked into the busy UFJ bank and lined up with the other Japanese before the 3pm closing time.

I thought the money transfer card would make it easier, but I still had to know which button was "bank transfer" and what to do after that so I asked for help once more.

This is the last time that I am paying rent here so I'll cross the next bridge when I get to it.

The day went well. I like this school. The staff are nice, and I had a lot of their lollies. I only had two lessons. One that I even volunteered for another teacher.

Also I pretended to be a kid for a kids class as there was only one student, making it difficult for him to play the games alone. It was quite fun.

We were to draw fruit on the whiteboard. Sometimes I would draw a triangle and a circle. The next time I drew a loaf of bread for an apple. That kind of thing.

After work I rushed to catch the next possible train and got home by 10:30pm. I made a risotto curry and veges. Another nice meal, extra strong with two blocks of curry and topped off with Parmesan cheese. Sounds good doesn't it? Mmm..

Jesse wasn't home and didn't arrive until 7am in the morning from partying hard all night. He had two hours sleep before going to work.

It was nice that I had the house all to myself for a while.