Sunday, 9 September 2007

Teien and Matsuoka Museums and Ikebukuro

I wanted to use the GRUTT pass to see museums today. I thought this was the last weekend but we actually have over a month to use it.

Today we went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum and the Matsuoka Museum of Art in Meguro.

The current exhibition at the Teien Museum was called "Russian Designs for Theatre, Opera and Dance". It showed mostly Russian ballet costumes and art.

It wasn't totally boring, but the building itself is very attractive. It was once a prince's residence. How about that huh?

From there we rushed over to the nearby Matsuoka Museum. I found this museum much more interesting. It featured mostly ceramics and sculptures, and a bit of Japanese art.

We were both getting hungry, so we decided to catch the train to the Canal Cafe in Iidabashi.

I was surprised to find my order of prosciutto was only slices of ham and not a pizza that I was expecting. For 1000 yen I think this is a bit expensive. I guess you pay for the location.

Gf ordered a marguerita pizza which she shared with me. As usual, I fed the open mouthed carp ice and for a change, the left over pieces of hardened cheese from the plate that they ate with gusto. Stupid fish.

We had some free Macca's coffee after that and then headed on the train once more to Ikebukuro. Someone told me there were skill cranes there. There were a LOT of pachinko parlours but not many game arcades.

The place is quite ordinary. The only reason I can see to go there is to get some reasonably priced clothes at the Seibu or Tobu department stores.

Going home we caught the Metro to Ichigaya and had a short walk back to Yotsuya. It was much less humid and there was a good breeze.

We ate some curry rice and Azuki Milk ice cream before watching the movie,"300". It's better than I expected. I just wished I had the six packs all the warriors had. Damn!!