Saturday, 8 September 2007

A Receipt For Zero Yen

Gf was seeing a friend and said she wouldn't be home until 8pm. This left me with quite a bit of time to kill.

I stayed a while in Yokohama, walking around the busiest side of the station.

A girl was playing one of those co-ordination video games outside an arcade with great skill, so much so she had an audience watching her flying hands.

I caught the train to Shibuya managing to get a seat and listening to Chemical Brothers on my iPod loudly for the duration.

At Shibuya I made a bee-line for the biggest game arcade. Fortunately there wasn't anything I was interested in UFO catching.

I walked up a different street I hadn't done before and discovered a Sega arcade. The catchers there weren't that enticing either.

I caught the train to Yoyogi, but then thought I'd like to go to Shinjuku so I called the gf, and caught the Yamanote onwards to Shinjuku.

Before I was to meet up with gf near Studio Alta, I did a mad rush to all the UFO catcher arcades. There wasn't anything that I was interested in "catching", so I didn't play at any of these places either.

I was feeling happy, so meeting up with the gf, I told her the "good news" that we didn't have to look at the catchers tonight. I also said that I am almost "cured" of my addiction.

As long as there is nothing I want, I don't need to play.

We had two free macdonalds iced coffees. For some reason they gave me a receipt for zero yen. Huh??

Gf got a 1gb memory card from Yodobashi Camera for her phone, so now she can finally tranfer all the picture and video files to her PC. I eventually want to get one for my phone.

She also picked up 20 blank DVDs for 1380 yen. I just looked for the cheapest ones that would do the job. Sometime I want to get a Points Card from here.

Although I was feeling a little tired we walked home in the cooler evening air. My bottle of Shochu at the gf's is running out. I must make a mental note to pick up another bottle soon.