Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Don't Fight The Crunky That Be

An early start this morning. Thankfully unlike last week I remembered what day it was and got up in plenty of time to get there.

I did go for a walk around the busy streets of Yokohama after work.

A strange phenomenon of street advertising in Japan, is that they give out the advertising material in a pack of tissues. I have a new challenge, to get as many tissue packs as possible! Who cares that I have no idea what the writing says?

I walked to the places that I usually go for the soft toys I have been getting. Instead of toys, my mission was food.

I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast. In particular I spied a machine with Crunky biscuits. It was 100 yen a go so I asked the staff to make it a little easier for me to catch.

I won it after 4 tries.

At the supermarket, I saw them on special for 178 yen (normally 205 yen) a box, so I got them all for around half the going price. Gotta be happy about that eh?

I tried one biscuit already. They are a tad small but they have real Crunky chocolate, so a worthy pursuit indeed.

Pleased with myself, I caught the train home.

I went to the supermarket and bought the essentials for the week. When I got home, I made a curry with vegetables and tofu that tasted good. I made so much that I will have a little for tomorrow's day off.

I have nothing planned for tomorrow, and that's suits me just fine.


James said...

Thanks for

James said...

Sorry to double post...

Thanks for the tip about the keitei camera.

Also, it's pretty trippy that ur in Hiroshima cause i got there on Saturday and only got back this morning. Miyajima is beautiful ne...

I'm in the process of sending out resumes. Wish me luck...