Friday, 21 March 2008

Yen It On Back To Me

For once, I was given a heap of yen instead of losing it.

Like magic I turned this:

Into this:

I took my Nikon cashback money order to the Post Office in Shinjuku after my shift.

As always the place was busy. I grabbed my queue number, and patiently waited until I was called.

Once I got to the counter the clerk told me helpfully in japanese what to fill in. He couldn't give me my money though. He only handled mail, so I obviously had to go upstairs to cash my cheque.

It didn't take long so without any help I was outta there in no time.

To kill a bit of time I checked out some prices on Nintendo DS's. Looks like all the electrical stores have no idea about any legal ramifications of price fixing, so at every shop it was pretty much 16,800 yen. I might hold out a while.

So anyway, while doing this I somehow found the vibrators section of Don Quijote. I had NO idea they had this kind of stuff, REALLY!

I saw a pack of what I think was bubble bath, but the picture on the package looked like the girl was bathing in pink slime. I'm sure in a certain situation it might work. uh, maybe.

I didn't really want to stay in Shinjuku too long. The weather didn't look great and there are some really forceful gales blowing around at the moment. The last thing I want is another broken umbrella.

Yesterday was the Spring Equinox holiday (and my day off no less), but judging by the weather it's not changing in a hurry.