Saturday, 15 March 2008

Don't Post Drunk

Does blogger log in quicker when you're intoxicated?

Tonight I went out with the new crew from Shibuya.

We went to some unnamed izakaya (I have no idea what it was called). I tried my best to drink as much as the 3000 yen I paid as I could, and right now I struggle to write this post with both eyes open.

Most of the night I was bored with a canadian teacher talking too much, when I was more interested in getting drunk.

I had a toxic mix of shochu. beer and something that tasted like alcohol and tomato juice that couldn't find it's rightful owner.

After the izakaya, Jon and I went to Tasu-ichi, where I first met the gf (and because of that meeting I now call it, "Love Connection").

It's pretty much a gaijin bar, but much better than a expensive night in karaoke.

It's good to be back here. We had some good conversation and suggested a karaoke night another time with the original boys from Tomioka.

It wasn't my best night, but at least it allowed me to be social.

I have my new schedule, and if anyone is listening, I wish I had less kids classes (except for my "surrogate son", of course) Especially no C levels! And please, good angels of mercy, can I have schools closer to where I am living?

Oh, while I'm at this low point in the night, can I get paid more to make this all seem worthwhile?

I'm going to save this post before I fall asleep. Thanks for listening. Goodnight.


JaCk said...

Greetings from Italy :D

Jimmy In Japan said...

Buon Giorno! Il tuo nome è Jack, veramente? Perchè ha visto il mio blog? Vuoi venire in Giappone? è meraviglioso. Benvenuto e grazie.