Sunday, 9 March 2008

Meidaimae Okonomiyaki

Another restless sunday. We almost stayed in all day.

We would have, if we hadn't got an invite to join the gf's friend and her daughter at Nanjya Kanjya, the okonomiyaki restaurant that her friend worked at.

I'm REALLY glad we did. The food was fantastic. I wish I'd have brought my camera. Along with the okonomiyaki we had monja and ankomaki, an azuki paste roll delight.

I played a Nintendo DS linked wirelessly with her daughter's other DS. She seriously kicked my ass at Mario Kart, snickering at my bad play.

This is not a good thing. I may be inclined to get one of these little time wasters one day.

She lent me one of the machines to take home. Probably so next time she has a worthy opponent.

I gave them one pair of my stainless steel mugs I won at the catchers. The Mickey and Minnie one. I think they liked it.

I couldn't help but notice outside Meidaimae station there was a Peace Makers Box.

From what I understand it's pretty much an ordinary police box to help those in need.

Why they don't just call it and make it another Koban is beyond me.