Friday, 28 March 2008

The Lap Of Luxury

The gf was a little bummed out after I seriously screwed up her birthday. It wasn't all bad. She liked my presents. I even gave her the MoMA "hugging" salt and pepper shakers that were going to be my original gift before the watch.

Her therapy was to stay a night in a hotel.

No, not just any hotel but the Westin, a very luxurious accomodation located in Ebisu.

To say it was expensive is an understatement. F*%king expensive is a more appropriate term.

While I was there I weighed myself on the scales. Officially I'm 63.8kg. Before I came to this country I was 80kg. Japan is a good weight loss place without really trying. Japanese girls still think they are fat. "Women!" *sigh* Anyhoo..

Looks like the stay in the hotel worked though.

By the time I saw her again in the evening everything was rosy once again.