Monday, 17 March 2008

Salami Baby One More Time!

This has got to be a record.

Not only two posts in one day, but I think I have created a milestone (for me), in the longest time to eat something past it's used by date.

Tonight I finally finished the salami that was brought over here in the new year. 

Click the picture for a closer look at the label. See the date? Yes, that's right, 23rd of February,2008!

So it's almost a month overdue. Going by "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger", if you don't see another post you know what happened to me. 

At least it wasn't the chinese gyoza fiasco that the japanese media won't let go of.

While the gf is at a graduation ceremony tonight, I bid a fond farewell to the salami that has served me well the last few months with an olive oil, salami and onion spaghetti dish.

I will miss you my friend. Back to the bacon and brie.


avatar said...

Remind me to tell you how to make a caesar salad.

Jimmy In Japan said...

Thanks.It's the one thing I've been lacking in my japanese diet.

Why not just post your recipe here and share it with all my readers?

avatar said...

Okay, good idea.

Lettuce, preferably baby cos, but iceberg or cos or probably anything you like will suffice.

Shredded tasty cheese.

Bacon bits, or bacon flavoured chips that you get in, like, masterfood spices. I prefer the latter to real bacon in terms of flavour, and it's vegan too.


Pick your favourite caesar dressing. They all taste different, so if you don't like one, go with another.

Mix. A lot. You'll want a decent amount of dressing in there and you'll want to cut up the lettuce a bit with your spoon.

And enjoy.