Friday, 14 March 2008

Happy White Day!

I looked all over the internet to find an example of the shameless advertising the shops are doing for White Day.

Even though I had plenty of time, I was too slack to take a photo with my camera.

I had a little trouble finding what I was looking for, so instead I googled "white day" and "manga" and found this picture. I thought it was cute, so all rights reserved and stuff, thanks a lot!

I can finally mention that the time spent in Harajuku wasn't just to look around a kid's toy store.

I actually bought a Moomin Nyoro-Nyoro ghost/worm that the gf liked. It was white, and it's for white day so it seemed appropriate.

I thought to give her chocolates as well. Another Wonka caramel delight wouldn't go astray, so I got them to gift wrap that in the package as well. Hopefully the gf will share that with me!

There was a bit of a huge downpour today, even some rare thunder.

Before I met up with the gf I went to Yamaya to get some more mango juice, cashews, and chocolate spread.

There was only one juice carton on the shelf, so I ripped open a sealed box and got another three from there. You can't have too much of this juice. Looks like the secret is out.

The gf is visiting her mother tonight, so before she left we had a chinese buffet at Kowloon Ten Shin. It's on the 7th floor of the Lumine building next to Shinjuku station where there are a lot of other restaurants.

For 1,887 yen you can eat and drink (tea, juice and soft drink) for 70 minutes between 11am and 5pm. They have a good selection of food. In the end I was quite stuffed. Not bad at all.

On arriving back to the apartment I found that the gf got me some presents too!

Now White Day is supposed to be when the boys reciprocate the gift giving from Valentine's Day, so I was quite surprised that she got me a Penguin moneybox and a small photo album for my pictures. Very nice, thank you!

With the gf away it's so quiet. TOO quiet. I may have to get the guitar out.

This morning I finally got my address changed with the bank.

Yes, I know I've been living in Tokyo for a while now. I heard the horror stories of how difficult it can be. Surprisingly enough I got it done in about ten minutes all by myself. It helped that they got a person who understood english.

One less thing I have to do here.