Monday, 3 March 2008

Wired For Rilakkuma Sound

Next on the list of (almost) useless things I don't really need, are Rilakkuma headphones. Oh Yeah!

I was at the Taito Station opposite Kabukichō and I couldn't believe my eyes seeing these hanging easily (and I mean EASY) over the chute.

Walking away would have been very strong of me, so I did what I always do and nudged it in first go for 200 yen.

I asked them to move a Gundam in its place but they weren't making it easy, so I put that off for another time.

I should've stopped on a high. I thought I could win a Rilakkuma mug at another catcher, but after what I'd thought would be an easy 100 yen didn't work.

After that I went back home. For once I figured it would be a good idea to get home before dark.

I opened up the headphone box to try these babies out. To my amazement they don't sound half bad! Sure, they aren't Sennheiser quality, but totally acceptable clarity with a surprisingly good bass output. Sweet.

I may dare myself to wear them on the train to Fujisawa tomorrow. Hmm..


Unknown said...

Too awesome! I love that bear! Is there a place where I can get them online?

Jimmy In Japan said...

Have a look here. I just found it with a Google search.

Otherwise come to Japan and play the UFO catchers (skill/claw cranes) for a pair!

Thanks for reading,


Unknown said...

aaaaaaaaaaaghhhh im looking everywhere online for these but I can't find them (_ _ ;)