Monday, 2 July 2007

A Belated Reflection

I know this is a little bit late (by a day or two), but it's already been one month since I have been in Japan!

It feels like yesterday that I arrived. I have to say that I still think it's great to be here. I haven't had any big issues come up yet.

I'm not exactly sure how I 'm supposed to pay my mobile phone bill and health insurance. Damn, I haven't even worked out the crazy garbage issue. (EVERYTHING is burnable if the fire's hot enough)

Anyway, let's talk about my day. Shall we?

The gf was meant to be at class by 9am but neither of us could get up, so she missed it. She said not to worry about it. I was fine to go, but she was just as tired as I was from the day before.

I left her house about 1130am and got home by 1pm. It was absolutely pouring with rain. Looks like summer has really arrived in Japan. I was very weary, but I tried to keep myself from falling asleep in my bed.

Once I got to work I got a call from head office. it looks like my school director didn't see me making my way into the building and said I was late to them. I clocked my card on time so no problems there.

My first class was a no show but the rest of the day was full. As usual I made a few of my classes run over time making me late for the next one.

I went to the supermarket to buy a few basics. The Crunky AND the Pocky were on sale so you know I HAD to buy both of them. I'm not going to be losing the weight I was hoping for. I want abs. Is that too much to ask?


n-a said...

Hey dude, seems like you're having a good time over in Japan, thats pretty cool doing what you did, hope it goes well for you, I'll bookmark your site and check back from time to time.

Maybe its not much, but damn it someone had to comment!

Keep it up!


Jimmy In Japan said...

Thanks for tuning in to "Radio Jimmy". If you've been considering going to Japan as an english teacher I highly recommend it (Just do some research on which school to go with). I'm having a blast.