Monday, 16 July 2007


After wasting yesterday not doing a whole lot. I wanted to go to Kamakura. Walking down the street, gf had the brilliant idea of getting a fried rice "biscuit" wrapped in seaweed.

Looking out the window I even saw blue sky. We took the train the same way that I go to Fujisawa for work. We changed trains onto the Enoden Line to get to Hase Station.

This is the stop to go to the most famous site of Daibutsu, the large green, bronze buddha. Strangely the day started to look overcast. By days end it would be raining.

Unlike what I expected, the inside of the Buddha is actually hollow and for the princely sum of 20 yen you can do what most people can't say they've done - to go inside one.

This is what it looks like inside. Not all that I expected. But what do want for 20 yen??

These are security cameras looking over a stone tablet!

Probably the second place most tourists go around these parts is the Hase-Dera Temple. In terms of gardens, this place is actually more pretty than that surrounding Daibutsu.

First there was Jizo-Do Hall.

Then Kannon-Do Hall.

This is Kyozu Sutra Archives (no relation to Kama). Inside there is rotating bookracks (called rinzo) which if you turn can earn one the same merits as from reading the Sutras.

From there we went down to Yuigahama Beach. It didn't look as bad as most people make out. The sand is a grey black colour. There were many surfers in wetsuits.

Now we were tired, so we headed on home. I tried my hand at the UFO catcher/Skill Crane at Shin-Sugita to try to win a stuffed toy for gf. I had it but the damn thing didn't give any grip. Grr..

I was hungry. We didn't feel to cook. So there we went to the Pepper Lunch fast food place. I should have known it wouldn't be that great. There was a vending machine to place your orders.

Just before we got home we got some icecreams and finally found some bubble bath at the last place we looked.

Arriving home we tried it out but it wasn't that great. After a few hopes from some small bubbles, it turned out to be a fizzer. So much for bubbles..