Sunday, 29 July 2007

It's a Sony!

Today we went to Asakusa and Ginza.

Gf asked me on leaving her apartment whether we should take an umbrella. Stupid me said no and guess what, it rained.. a lot!

After exiting Asakusa station we could see to the left a building with a strange shape on top.

To me I thought it looked like a gold sperm, but gf called it a "golden sh*t". Apparently it's called the flame d'or (Golden flame).

I bought a 500 yen umbrella from the local Family Mart and made our way to the temple. First stop was the Kaminarimon Gate. It is the gate that faces the road leading up to the temple.

We then went through a tourist trap souvenir arcade called Nakamise. Get your red lantern keyrings here!

During this time, we went into a favourite sweets shop of gf's. There we had some red bean sweets. Mine was a hot red bean paste with a rice paste and she had a cold one with candied fruit. I'm addicted to red bean now.

After that we moved through the next Hanzonmon gate.

Finally we arrived at the Sensoji temple. There were many young girls dressed as anime characters with elaborate costumes and make-up. This was much better than the "punk" Harajuku girls.

After Asakusa we caught a train to Ginza. I was interested there to go to the Sony Building where there are floors of sony products and demos which was a lot of fun to play with as you can see.

I videotaped myself on a television using a sony camcorder. This was a nice toy. I also did extreme closeups of my eye, nose and unshaven chin that I'm sure the sony staff were pleased about.

From there we went to the Kabukiza building. This is a rather ornate building where they do Kabuki theatre. I wouldn't mind watching a show. I hear they do english headsets explaining the japanese dialog.

The rain was coming down quite heavily and the wind was strong. I only had my slides on my feet which were very slippery from lack of traction. At one stage the wind blew the umbrella inside out and blew the plastic cover completely off leaving me only with the skeleton frame. So much for a 500 yen umbrella.