Friday, 6 July 2007

Yokohama Sub Day

The gf decided instead of going home on one of the last trains back to Tokyo, she decided she'd stay the night and get an early train in the morning.

I was more than happy for her to stay. We watched the movie and there really wasn't much time to walk down to the station. So.. that means we had to get up at 6am so she could get to uni by 9am.

I have never gotten up so early in Japan it just about killed me. Walking down to the station wasn't too bad. It was walking back alone back up the hill to my place that was a struggle.

There I was in my singlet and shorts stumbling back watching the salarymen make there pilgrimage to the station. I imagined they were thinking "pfft.. gaijin!" Once I got back I virtually tumbled back into bed until a sensible time of lessee hmm, midday?

Today is sub day so not too busy at work. Derek was late to get there, so I covered his first lesson. Normally I am only obliged to do the last three shifts of the night but I was asked nicely so I did it.

I saw Derek on the train and for some reason I said out loud "O-manko" quickly realising I was actually saying something in japanese that was not quite good to say on a train. Oops.

I went into the supermarket and got some bread, 98 yen for eight slices. That is cheap so I got two. Also I bought Calpis as usual and some more Crunky. Love the Crunky.