Monday, 9 July 2007

Rikugien Gardens

I had no idea where we would go today. Yoko said one of her friends suggested Rikugien Gardens. We got off at Komagome station on the Namboku line.

This is just near one of the bridges. The turtles and the fish fight over the bits of bread thrown in by sadistic japanese.

This is where we had green tea and a bean paste sweet. Yuko had a hot tea and I had an "iced" green tea.

You can see the chunk of ice in mine.

After the gardens we went to Ochanimizu where there is a wonderland of guitar shops. I've been looking for a steinberger-style guitar that can fit in my suitcase.

After the eighth shop of so, I could see that Yoko was looking drained so we went home. I found one guitar that I may go back to see tomorrow before I go to work.