Monday, 9 July 2007

The Guitar Search

I am looking for something small enough that would be transportable on aeroplanes. One store had a secondhand Hohner G3-T, a black steinberger copy for 39,800 yen (approx AU $400), but it wasn't in the best condition.

Gf had to leave home to get to uni at 9am. I was at Ochanimizu at that time but I soon found out the shops didn't open until 1030-11am so I had a LONG time to wait.

At the station when I arrived there were japanese cheerleader girls giving away free energy drinks. It lifted my spirits at least.

I tried the guitar and it sounded pretty good. I was hoping for a discount around $300 but he didn't budge at all. I decided to leave soon after that. It was getting close to midday and I wanted a rest before work.

I managed to catch the train in the opposite direction. Luckily I realized this at the next stop, Akihabara. I caught a rapid train in the right direction but it didn't stop at Yoyogi where I wanted to change trains instead going on to Shinjuku.

Finally I caught the right trains and ended up back home at 130pm. I was drained and not really in any mood to go to work.