Saturday, 14 July 2007

Chicken Tonight

For a change I got gf to come to Tomioka instead of me going to Tokyo for the weekend. It has been raining so much. There is a typhoon which is headed towards Japan and with it, all the rain.

For dinner tonight I made her a spaghetti with olive oil, parmesen cheese, a bit of margerine, and chicken. It tasted pretty good but it needed a little something.

I added salt and black pepper. You can just about add anything with black pepper and it tastes a whole lot better. It wasn't my best meal but gf ate it all so it must have been alright.

Gf had been to her mother's place, Hamamatsu near Nagoya. She brought back a few interesting things. Most unusual were the eel bone chips. It makes me think that Japanese will turn anything that doesn't kill you into food.