Friday, 27 July 2007

The Green Shochu

I was meaning to come back home after work but the Green Shochu changed all that.

Derek and Thomas wanted to go to an Izakaya. At first I said I wanted to go home, but somehow I decided to go along with them.

I was only going to have a few drinks of the green shochu, a liquor similar to sake, but potato instead of rice. It turned into two bottles of 20% green and quite a bit of food. I had to go to the bathroom, so the waitress showed me the way but I had a little trouble getting back to our table.

I forgot what the kanji was for ladies and mens bathroom was, so I just took the bathroom that had the toliet seat up. When I had to get back, it was like a labyrinth, as the place was kind of dark, and every cubicle looked exactly the same.

The gf messenged me that she left her charger at my place. I told her where I was and said I was a little drunk.

After speaking for a lengthy time about God, Yes, I know it's an engrossing topic when you are drunk, we stumbled back to Yokohama station and caught the train back to Tomioka. It was crowded as usual.

On arriving home, Jesse, Derek and myself had a big D & M about women and God and I bailed out for a while, going to the bathroom and then going to bed. It's 2:43am, and somehow I have to get over this impending hangover that I'm sure to have.