Sunday, 15 July 2007


Derek and Jessie were going to go to Hiroshima last night but because of a typhoon, they cancelled the shinkansen to get there.

Still determined to go, they left today instead. The good news for me is that gf and I have the place to ourselves for the weekend so hooray for us. The timing is great.

The mission today was to get some icecreams and bubble bath. The bubble bath was my idea of course. Gf's bathtub is little more than a deeper sink to the floor. Ours on the other hand it is possible (just) to fit two people.

Because of the rain we didn't go too far. The typhoon seems to have missed us.

We went looking around Tomioka station. I haven't really ventured past my station and I was surprised to see a whole lot more shops just a stones throw away. There was a 100 yen shop and the UFJ bank nearby as well. I must learn to venture out more than I have and actually see things.

For dinner tonight, we had some curry rice. While gf claims it was a joint effort, I have to say she did the most of the actual cooking. What I did was basically cutting the onion. It tasted amazing though. We ended off the night watching "Pan's labyrinth". This is a really good film. It deserves all the good reviews.

I forgot about the icecream and the bubble bath was nowhere to be found. What is it with these people? Who in the world does not want a bubble bath?!