Thursday, 16 August 2007


I felt my first earthquake this morning.

After being here over two months I was thinking this was long overdue. It was early in the morning, while I was still in bed (or more correctly on "futon").

It's quite unsettling and a little scary. The apartment shook like it was made of paper for a few seconds, like it was possessed.

Somehow I thought it would be "fun" to experience it, but I can really do without it.

Gf was busy today so I walked to Shinjuku alone. It was so humid. By the time I got there, I was soaked in sweat.

I tried the amplifiers I am interested in getting.

There was a Line 6 Vetta combo for 99,800 yen which is a fantastic price. It has modeled sounds of all the best amps out there and sounded pretty good although I was a little nervous to turn it up.

The only thing that really bugs me is that this thing is heavy! I'm not sure how I'm going to cart this thing back to Tomioka, let alone Australia.

The other amp was a 2 channel Crate 50W buskers amp. They were selling it for 45,800 yen, which is a reasonable price (I'd still want to talk it down though). It didn't have too bad a sound (with effects too) either. It wasn't too heavy and I think it would be much easier to transport.

From there I went through Shinjuku. Unfortunately my only purpose here was the UFO catchers. I lost 300 yen today. Maybe if I keep on losing I'll give up.

To make myself a little happier I bought two bottles of peach juice and a Pooh bear yo-yo at the 100 yen shop. Yes, it made me more happy. It lights up! oooh..

Before walking back to Yotsuya I couldn't resist taking a picture of all these girls in yukata (summer kimonos) getting some Macdonalds.

If I waste train money I have to punish myself somehow, so that's why I'm walking.

We may be going to see more fireworks tonight.