Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Yakiniku Sans Tongue

I did an early shift at Yokohama waking up in semi-darkness. I thought I may have set my alarm wrong, but it was because outside was pouring again with rain. I paid my month's health insurance bill at the Am/Pm, then caught my train.

It was a pretty busy day, but starting early meant finishing early. After work I met up with the gf and we had an "all you can eat" dinner at the same yakiniku as last time.

We were the first people in the restaurant. We had unlimited meats for seventy minutes. As soon as we filled the hot plate, we ordered more plates to make sure there was no down time waiting for the staff to deliver some more. Oh, and I sampled just one piece of tongue. No, I don't like it now. Too chewy.

We were going so fast that after only thirty minutes the gf and I had the same face that said, "I'm stuffed!" We slowed right down and ate at a more leisurely pace.

After dinner it was still raining outside, so we went to the music shop in Vivre for me to ogle some pretty guitars. There was a clothing shop that had shirts with bad english. Check these out..