Sunday, 12 August 2007


We walked to Shinjuku today.

First, we went to Yotsuya library where I found a lot of CDs I plan on copying. I feel like a total alien walking through here.

It's not very obvious where the library was, and as usual I felt like the odd gaijin out here. There were a few english books and magazines. I was happy to find the Rolling Stone mags in english.

I'm noticing that everytime something closes in Japan they are playing Auld Lang Syne, the New Year's song to let everyone know it's time to go. (yes, they even played it at the beach)

After the library closed we walked towards Shinjuku. We got a peach gelato which, while not the best I've had, was still refreshing in the summer humidity.

There seemed to be a festival going on as we approached Shinjuku. There was a rainbow of balloons showing the entrance and exit of the closed off street.

On closer inspection it looks like this was a gay festival.

Yes, there were a lot of men around, but I only saw one male couple openly holding hands. Oh, and the two transvestites dancing on a podium was a dead giveaway.

Across the road was yet another music instrument store. As usual there was something that I felt like buying. A guitar amp was 75% off! It would have been sweet, but it would be a bitch to get it back to Australia.

It would probably also need a power conversion to 240v I believe. So, for now I will have to be patient. I may get a small busker's amp later on.

We went into the Isetan to get some "Time Reset" or something facial creme for the gf. I don't think she needs it, but you think she's going to listen to me?

I have to confess that we went to Macdonalds today and yes, I got a burger. Yoko had coupons. I was hungry and.. one thing led to another. So, there it's done. I can't take back that moment. It felt dirty and wrong, but it was cheap. So anyway..

We went to some UFO catcher arcades. I lost 100 yen yet again, but I will master it. The gf was looking unimpressed. At least she didn't get as annoyed as last time.

We walked back home again. With the money I save from not catching the trains, I will have more UFO catcher money. See, it's getting me fit, right, RIGHT?!