Thursday, 2 August 2007

Landmark Tower Yokohama

On today, my day off we headed off to Yokohama with a mission.. to go up Japan's tallest building, yes, (queue *suspenseful music*), the Landmark Tower!

I have a HEAP of free coffee drink vouchers for McDonalds, so we went there first to get our free (iced) coffees. Now, I still don't consider this cheating and eating here because no, I didn't order a burger and hey, a free coffee's a free coffee right? So my McDonalds boycott is still in progress ok?

We also decided badly to get an icecream dessert from Cold Stone Creamery. I had a coffee icecream in a chocolate wafer, which also had peanut butter mixed in as well.

It was sickly sweet. Instead of feeling satisfied, I just felt sick and bloated. I wanted to tell all the other suckers to get out of that overrated line and go upstairs to the better gelato store.

We walked along Yamashita Park, past Hikawa Maru and Chinatown.

At first we were going to go up the tower during the day thinking we would be able to see Mt Fuji. They said that it would not be visible, so we went later on at night.

The lift is super fast going up 750m/minute. I don't know about you, but I like the idea of "getting off" on the 69th floor.

The view was quite nice, but the glass was a little fogged up from condensation. You can get a really nice look from here.

On coming back to earth we made our way to the Club Sega and yes, UFO catchers. Like before, I pumped in more yen than I should have and walked out of there a little down and empty-handed. The Snoopy was mine, godammit!!!

We got a bento at the Family Mart and decided to walk from the Minato Mirai complex to Yokohama station. It took longer than expected, but we eventually walked the right way and made our way back to Tomioka.