Saturday, 25 August 2007

Ueno Museums

Today we went to the Ueno area to look at two museums, the University Art Museum and the National Museum Of Nature and Science.

The gf wanted to see a special exhibition at the first one, so it cost 1100 yen (a 200 yen discount from the Grutt Pass). It was about the paintings on traditional paper shrine doors.

Although it was sort of interesting. I don't think it was worth it. The permanent collection was better as it showed the much more interesting, "100 views of Edo" woodblock prints. With our pass we could have seen this for free.

We were a little drained and had sore legs by the time we finished there. We were also hungry so we went to the National Museum of Nature and Science. We ate at the restaurant there. The food was basic, but much needed so I scoffed it down with vigour.

This place is much more interesting than the Science Museum we saw last week. It was more suitable for adults and children (the other one was more like a kids playground).

There is the fantastic "Theatre 360" which is similar to an Imax theatre, but the screen is all around you in a sphere and there is a platform running the length of it. Highly recommended.

We stayed at this museum until closing time (yes, THAT song). We had a fun time there.

We took a train to Roppongi to go to a museum shop but by the time we arrived it was closed. We walked around Midtown to kill some time. At the big supermarket I bought Azuki Milk icecreams for both of us, which were delish.

From there we walked into Tsutaya, checking out the latest J-pop CDs. The gf bopped her head to a cheesy 70s disco CD.

Making our way home I was quite tired but gf was surprisingly genki to say the least. It must have been the Azuki..