Monday, 20 August 2007

First Day Back To Work

I had a weird dream this morning. For some reason I stole someone else's car in it. The Dreammoods website didn't really help (it said if I had MY car stolen), but it still offers some interesting interpretations of dreams nonetheless.

Because I didn't get to the store in time last night, I had no choice but to buy my much needed groceries today.

I went down to the store in the stifling humidity, tired and hungry. Strangely though I didn't buy as much junk food as I normally would in this condition. Just the essentials, including a 12 pack of toliet paper which we desperately needed. Double thickness for extra comfort.

I also went to the bank to make sure my pay went through. Check, all seems ok.

I found out that Softbank, my mobile phone company, still managed to withdraw from my australian credit card, even though the expiry date was last month, which is strange. I'd really like to be able to pay direct to a branch as using this card, takes an extra AU $6 each month for the currency conversion.

I played my guitar at full volume through my new amp. It doesn't seem as loud as I'd thought it would be, but it still sounds quite good I think, very clean with nice effects.

Today I had a sub day at Kawasaki. This is a nice school. I don't mind coming here. For a first day back after vacation, this was perfect.

I only did two lessons which was great. An easy way to slip back into the working week.