Sunday, 19 August 2007

Back To Earth aka Tomioka

We didn't get to sleep until 4am.

So.. no there isn't that much to say. We woke up around 3pm and I started packing my things and my new amp to make way to going back (*sigh*) to Tomioka.

I didn't do a lot on my holidays, but it doesn't matter. I still appreciated the time off. It especially gave gf and I twenty four hours every day together. Living in each other's faces was really going to tell if we could stay together. A week in Tomioka and a week in Tokyo.

I won't say it was perfect. She gets REALLY annoyed and frustrated when she gets tired and sometimes doesn't have a lot of patience, but nothing I think I should worry about. Other than that, I think she has been the perfect girlfriend. Thanks gf.

Although my amp wasn't all that heavy, it was a little bit of a pain to cart it through the gates of the train stations, and up Tomioka hill. Humidity was at an all time high. I was sweating a river.

When I got home only Derek was there. He asked what I brought back and I said, "a box". We walked down to the supermarket only to find it shut early, being sunday. I have enough for dinner tonight (noodles), and I bought some azuki iceblocks to tide me over until tomorrow.

Back to work tomorrow. If it wasn't called "work", maybe it would something to look forward to.